Hendricks almost lost diamond bracelet at Golden Globes

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LONDON - “Mad Men” beauty Christina Hendricks flew into a panic at the Golden Globes ceremony after losing an $850,000 diamond bracelet on the red carpet.

The actress borrowed the gems from legendary jewellery company Chopard to wear to the star-studded event in Los Angeles. But one of the matching diamond bangles slipped off Hendricks’ wrist as she made her way into the venue, and the actress turned to reporters to help her in locating the pricey piece, reports starpulse.com.

“Have you seen a diamond bracelet? I’ve lost one that looks like this,” she said.

Hendricks reportedly left the auditorium, while the other guests took their seats, to continue her search for the bracelet, which was eventually handed back to her by an event worker who found the item.

A representative for Chopard confirmed a relieved Hendricks was able to return all of the pieces she borrowed.

“Whoever put it on her wrist may not have closed the safety clasp correctly. But both bracelets and her earrings were returned in perfect condition today,” said the representative.

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