Rani Mukherjee calls her role dynamic in ‘No One Killed Jessica’

Saturday, December 4, 2010

MUMBAI - Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee said she is playing a very dynamic and an inspiring role of a journalist in her upcoming film ‘No One Killed Jessica’.

Releasing a song ‘Aali Re’ from her film here on Friday, Mukherjee said she plays a crime reporter and has played it with a lot of zest and fun.

“It’s basically more of a crime reporter. It’s someone who actually deals with a lot of danger in her everyday life because she is at places and situations which normally would be slightly uncomfortable for anybody to be in. So, it is a very dynamic role and obviously for me, to think of women to be in a situation like that, I think it’s really a salutation,” said Mukherjee.

“I have got great regard for the character and that’s why I have played it with so much of zest and so much of fun because I am really inspired by this character,” she added.

Directed by Rajkumar Gupta, the film is based on a true story of Jessica Lal’s murder case. The music director of the film is Amit Trivedi.

Mukherjee further said she likes the music of the film and is very proud to be a part of it.

“I am really proud to be a part of the film that he (Amit Trivedi) has composed. He has absolutely given such fantastic music for the film. It’s not only this track but I think the main track of Delhi, it’s a great track and then there are the songs which are going to follow after ‘Aali Re’,” said Mukherjee.

“I think every track is just so wonderful and to create such songs in a film, which is actually a song-less film, you know, to create such songs, is brilliant,” she added.

The star cast of ‘No One Killed Jessica’ includes Vidya Balan along with Mukherjee.

The film is scheduled for release on January 7. By Shaikh Sharik (ANI)

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