Debasree Roy toils to make Kolkata a better place for stray animals

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 28, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Debasree Roy is well known in the Bengali film industry for her charitable deeds. Now she has adopted 15 dogs and regularly provides them with special meals on her way to the studio. When asked about the strange routine, Roy’s eyes sparkle and she starts explaining how she has a special bond with dogs (both domesticated and stray). For quite some time now, Debasree has tried to rehabilitate abandoned and stray canines.

The veteran Bengali actor has already overseen the vaccination of 50 stray dogs from various localities. Debasree goes on explaining that most people have pets as showpieces and do not care about their well being at all. Debasree is especially aghast when people abuse their pets.

Fellow actor Sabyasachi Chakroborty feels that we ought to take care of stray dogs in the neighborhood. Till now Debasree has used her own hard-earned money to fund her canine rehabilitation drive but she welcomes funds from charitable people as and when they arrive. Debasree maintains that the lack of funds has never stopped her from pursuing her charitable calling.

Debasree is optimistic that the troubles of the stray dogs will improve as soon as her proposed animal shelter starts to operate. The canine rehabilitation building will be situated near the E.M Bypass and the 3,600 sq ft building will have facility to house stray canines. Debasree’s niece Rani Mukherjee (the famous Bollywood actress) has made sizeable contribution to the project as well. As a doting aunt, Debasree recounted how Rani was extremely fond of animals and still keeps contributing for the welfare of stray dogs.

– Sampurn Wire

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