Ajay, Emraan unveil first look of ‘Dil To Bacha Hai Ji’ in Mumbai

Sunday, November 28, 2010

MUMBAI - Bollywood actors Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi unveiled the first look of ‘Dil To Bacha Hai Ji’ here over the weekend.

Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, The film stars Ajay Devgn, Amisha Patel, Emraan Hashmi, Jiah Khan and Omi Vaidya.

Bhandarkar said he had moved away from making serious cinema and that this time he has tried his hand at comedy.

” ‘Dil To Bacha Hai Ji’ is a slice of life, a different cinema. My cinema has always been hard hitting and real. This is also real but comedy as well. The whole genre of this movie is comedy. This is a slice of life and everybody will relate to this subject,” said Bhandarkar.

Devgan described the movie as a romantic comedy and added that people from all age groups will connect with it.

“It’s a nice romcom (romantic and comedy) with which I think every youth and people from all age groups will identify. It’s a kin of comedy, which happens, in everybody’s real life but we don’t laugh on it. So, I think it’s a different kind of genre,” he said.

‘Dil To Bacha Hai Ji’ is a tale of three men and their encounters with love.

Hashmi said the tagline of the movie is appropriate, as it highlights that men usually don’t grow up and remain immature.

“The tagline of the movie ‘Dil To Bacha Hai Ji’ emphasises on men that they generally don’t grow up. It’s an apt tagline for the movie. Generally men don’t grow up. I think women become mature at an early stage. Men grow up to the age of 30-35 but still remain immature,” said Hashmi.

“So, it is an apt tagline. The story is based on three men who are in the age group of 30, 35 and 39 but still they are struggling with love, with their relationships,” he added.

Pritam Chakraborty has composed the music of the movie.

The movie is slated to hit the theatres on January 28. By Shaikh Sharik (ANI)

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