Lindsay Lohan’s father feels proud of daughter, ex-wife

Friday, November 19, 2010

LONDON - Michael Lohan has revealed he is very proud of daughter Lindsay and former wife Dina after family therapy helped to heal his relationship with them.

“Look it was cleansing and it was productive. I don’t want to talk about Lindsay. But let me say that Dina had great parents and I had great parents and unfortunately we both lost our fathers. God rest his soul,” quoted him as saying.

“But we are both striving to be on the same page and be good parents to Lindsay. Like we used to be - we just want to put things back in order,” he said.

Michael has criticised Dina in the past and blamed her for Lindsay’s battle with drug addiction but now that their daughter is receiving treatment he said he is “proud” of how his former wife is supporting the actress and only sees “better things in the future”.

“Hopefully Dina and I can sit down and discuss this with Lindsay next month. I think we are striving for that, and things are really working out. I am very, very happy,” he said.

Lindsay was ordered by a Los Angeles court to stay in rehab until Jan 3, 2011 after she tested positive for cocaine during a random drug test in September.

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