‘Bigg Boss’ orders Dolly, Sameer to leave show

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NEW DELHI - Loud-mouthed and violent Dolly Bindra and the usually reticent Sameer Soni have been thrown out of Colors’ reality show “Bigg Boss 4″ following a serious verbal fight, and for breaking several house rules.

“Dolly and Sameer have been evicted from the show by Bigg Boss himself. This step was taken after both of them repeatedly broke the house rules,” a source told IANS.

The two actors were caught in a major argument following a showdown between Dolly and actress Shweta Tiwari, who is the captain this week in “Bigg Boss 4″.

“First Dolly and Shweta started arguing because some of the housemates were late for a task. Then Sameer intervened to make Dolly shut up, and they ended up in a huge fight. They were almost on the verge of hitting each other,” added the source.

The incident took place Tuesday afternoon before the much-hyped entry of former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson. The fight will be showcased in the episode to be aired Wednesday night.

Following the fight, Dolly and Sameer continued to break house rules. In fact, Sameer even refused to wear the microphone, which is compulsory for every housemate, informed the source.

Dolly has been a source of controversies ever since she has stepped into the reality show. She has been embroiled in fights with almost everyone, and her company wasn’t enjoyed by many.

Hence, Bigg Boss decided to evict the two participants.

“Bigg Boss 4″ has celebrity participants locked up inside an isolated house, without any link to the outside world. They are required to stay in the house for three months under 24-hour camera surveillance, and whoever stays the longest, wins the show.

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