Travolta’s wife ‘not in labour’, says rep

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PERTH - A representative for actor John Travolta has dismissed reports that actor rushed home from Australia because his pregnant wife Kelly Preston went into labor.

“This story is 100 per cent false,” Perth Now quoted the actor’s spokesperson as telling People magazine Sunday.

“She’s not in labour. John is en-route back to the US as was always the plan for him to return this weekend,” the spokesperson said.

Yet a Channel 7 spokeswoman denied this - saying there was no doubt that Travolta had every intention of coming to Perth for Telethon.

“His hotel bookings were made, he was booked in to meet Kerry Stokes and a meet-and-greet with 10 couples who had paid 10,000 dollars a couple for the charity had also been arranged,” the spokeswoman said.

Telethon had offered to refund the money raised from the meet-and-greet, but most couples involved had opted to give the money to Telethon anyway.

“We are not aware of the specific reasons he had to fly home. We were not told that it was because his wife had gone into labour, only that it was for ‘family’ reasons,” she said.

Travolta, a goodwill ambassador for Qantas, travelled to Australia last week to celebrate the 90th birthday of the flagship Australian airline and to attend Telethon in Perth over the weekend. (ANI)

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