Sonam, Neil binge in Goa; Abhishek jealous! (Movie Snippets)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

NEW DELHI - Sonam Kapoor lost oodles of weight before entering Bollywood, but her taste buds are still very active and she is busy binging on Goan food along with her “Players” co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh. And guess who is jealous? Abhishek Bachchan!

The actors are shooting in Goa for their upcoming film “Players”, which is the remake of hit Hollywood movie “The Italian Job” that also stars Abhishek and Sikandar Kher.

Sonam wrote on microblogging site Twitter: “Eaten so so much at Mum’s Kitchen in Goa!! Nothing beats Goan food.”

Neil also tweeted: “Got the day off in Goa. With my father at baga beach @ britto’s. Great to see so many kids here. Lovely weather. Awesome place great food”.

To which Abhishek replied: “Will the two of you stop eating and get serious about your work please!! Start starving like the rest of us!!! These children are out of control!!!”

Neil, who calls Abhishek his big brother, then said: “When I have a big brother like you I know you won’t let me ! So please work harder than you already do for us.”

Abhishek said: “Good try!!!!! Not gonna happen.”

Sonam also joined in the conversation, saying that Abhishek was jealous.

“You are just jealous!! Bwahhahahahahaha!!!”, she posted.

Abhishek then said: “Jealous?? We’ll discuss that when you see the rushes and both of you will be looking like the house we’re shooting in.”

Neil replied: “Ok this is what you give us on Children’s Day. Fine we will.”


Cocktail named after Ram Gopal Varma

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has got a cocktail named after him in Hyderabad.

The enthusiastic director wrote on microblogging site Twitter: “Celebrations restaurant in Hyderabad launched a cocktail called ‘RGV exotica’ on my name..nothing gave me a bigger kick in recent times.”


Ill Kunal Kohli aborts ‘Break Ke Baad’ promotional tour

Filmmaker Kunal Kohli was forced to cut down his promotional tour of upcoming film “Break Ke Baad” in US and Britain after falling seriouly ill.

“Fell seriously sick in London. Aborted by trip. Imran continues in London and New York City. Deepika in London too. Me back home, severely ill. Me recovering to start promotions again,” Kunal wrote on microblogging site Twitter.

The director also heaped praises on the hospitality of the staff on his London-Mumbai flight as he flew home to recover,

“I have to thank Jet Airways staff for looking after me beyond the call of duty when I was so sick on my London-Mumbai flight. Indian hospitality rocks,” he added.

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