Charlie Sheen back to boozing, womanising

Friday, November 5, 2010

LONDON - Just a few days after getting out of rehab, Hollywood’s bad boy Charlie Sheen spent three days at a holiday villa with six bikini-clad babes whom he flew in a private jet.

Sheen launched into his alcohol-fuelled bender in Belize in central America despite being warned by a court to stay off booze and drugs as part of his probation for attacking his wife Brooke Mueller, reports

One local said: “How a man can consume that amount of alcohol and stay conscious is beyond me. He’s only 45 and looked horrendous, but he was with six amazing women in bikinis who were all frolicking in front of him.”

The star of the hit US comedy “Two And A Half Men”, also America’s top-paid TV actor, was staying at his godfather, director Francis Ford Coppola’s private Turtle Inn resort.

The private jet that flew in him and his “rainbow” of women then whisked them to another resort in the cocaine-ridden country.

The local said: “There was one beautiful Asian, two Spanish girls, one tall Nordic-looking blonde and two foxy brunettes. He’d sneak off to the bedroom with a girl then come back and each time he returned his spirits were a bit higher. I didn’t see him taking drugs, but for someone that drunk he was pretty wide-eyed.”

Last week a porn actress hid in Sheen’s wardrobe at a New York hotel when the married dad went berserk during a drug binge.

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