Watch ‘Veera Parampare’ for top class performances (Kannada Movie Review)

By V.S.Rajapur, IANS
Sunday, October 31, 2010

Film: “Veera Parampare”; Cast: Ambareesh, Sudeep, Aindrita Ray, Sharan, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Sudeep and others; Producer-Director-Screenplay Writer-Composer: S. Narayan Camera: R. Giri; Ratings:

S. Narayan has directed “Veera Parampare” in his signature style and it reminds you of his previous successful original like “Chandra Chakori” and remakes such as “Surya Vamsha” and “Simhadhriya Simha”.

“Veera Parampare” is packed with good performances, pleasing visuals, good narration with strong focus on commercial elements and family sentiments. Majority of people may like the film, which is a blend of state of the art technical finesse and a tradition bound story.

The film starts on an interesting note and keeps the audiences engaged. It does not lose steam at any point. The second half moves at a fast pace, but remains interesting and entertaining.

The story is about Varade Gowda, a good samaritan who is hugely popular in his village and Byre Gowda, an evil character whose family has a feud with the Varade.

Byre tries to eliminate Varade several times, but he is saved by his trusted lieutenant Teja. Even Teja’s father sacrificed his life while saving Varade.

Meanwhile Byre uses muscle and money power to acquire the agricultural land of the villagers and Varade tries to stop him. After the incident, Byre is convinced unless Varade is removed from the scene, he cannot acquire the lands. So he creates a rift in Varade’s family and convinces some of the members to kill him.

One can say Narayan has made an impressive come back with “Veera Parampare”. The film’s strength is top class performances by leading artists - Rebel Star Ambareesh and Sudeep.

Ambareesh is mind blowing as Varade - he is very good in emotional sequences. Sudeep once again proves that he is a matchless actor. His performance in the climax and pre-climax sequences is awesome. He is also good in fight scenes.

However, some sequences lack logic and the director has also erred in selecting other cast members. For instance, actor Sudip as the main villain is a letdown. Aindrita looks bubbly and charming in song sequences, but fails to impress in important sequences.

Vijayalakshmi Singh proves she has lot of potential as a character artist. Sharan’s comedy brings in a few laughs.

Giri’s cinematography is mind blowing. Narayan also impresses as a dialogue writer which is one on the USPs of the movie.

Narayan has also scored music for the film. The lyrics of “Namma Mannidu” are good and even picturisation is competent. “Thangaaliyalli” and “Aiyyayyo Aiyyayyo” are two other well choreographed songs.

Marked by very good performances and technical work, “Veera Parampare” is a worth watch for family audiences. It can be enjoyed by multiplex audiences as well as moviegoers in villages.

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