Watch ‘Gaana Bajana’ for Radhika, Tarun (Kannada Movie Review)

By V.S. Rajapur, IANS
Sunday, October 31, 2010

Movie: “Gaana Bajaana”; Cast: Tarun, Radhika Pandit, Dileep Raj, Sharan, C.R. Simha, M.N. Lakshmidevamma and others; Director: Prashanth Raj; Producer: Naveen; Music Composer: Joshua Sridhar; Camera: Sekhar; Editing: Suresh Urs; Ratings: * and 1/2

Those who found promising elements in Prashanth Raj’s debut film “Love Guru”, will be surprised to see “Gaana Bajaana”. He not only fails as a writer but as a director as well.

“Gaana Bajaana” was an eagerly awaited movie because the director repeated the cast of “Love Guru” and won half the battle by getting the best work from composer and choreographers. But songs and good visuals are not enough to make a film entertaining.

Prashanth promoted it as a hundred percent fun film, but most of the sequences look silly and outdated. The only enjoyable part in the film is spectacularly picturised songs with good dance movements and pleasing music.

The story revolves around Radha and her close knit family. Radha is a modern girl with a confused mind and she is so fascinated by rowdy elements that she is keen to marry a notorious personality.

She falls in love with Kuttu, brother of an underworld don who is also a student of her dance school. But her family takes her abroad because they want her to marry NRI Krish. But Radha tells Krish that she is love with another person.

When Radha returns to India, she is surprised to find Krish in her house. Krish even starts proposing her. Meanwhile, Kuttu starts reciprocating her love. A confused Radha is in a fix.

Finally, every confusion is cleared and the film ends on a happy note.

Tarun charms with his new looks, but it is Radhika Pandit who steals the young hearts with her looks and good performance. But Dileep Raj is the pick of the lot. Comedy sequences of Sharan are sure to bring in a few laughs.

Cameraman Sekhar has done a pleasant work in the film.

Gaana Bajaana could have been a good project, but weak story and stereotyped script mar the film.

One can watch it once for Radhika Pandit and Tarun.

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