‘Jackie’ is a fast-paced entertainer (Kannada Movie Review)

By R.G. Vijayasarathy, IANS
Saturday, October 16, 2010

Film: “Jackie”; Cast: Puneet Raj Kumar, Bhavana, Rangayana Raghu, Shobharaj, Sampath, Sumithra and Naayi Chandru; Director: Soori; Producer: Parvathamma Raj Kumar; Camera: Sathya Hegde; Music: Hari Krishna; Rating: ***1/2

“Jackie” had aroused a lot of expectations not only among the audiences, but also in the trade circuit because actor Puneet Raj Kumar was for the first time acting in a totally unconventional role and speaking in the lingo of local slum boys. Since the film is directed by Soori who has specialised in making successful films, the expectations from “Jackie” were meant to be sky-high.

The fans can certainly heave a sigh of relief because the final product is not only entertaining, but also stands out for its technical superiority. The film is so fast-paced that everything looks logical. Soori’s focus on reality also makes it easy to connect with the proceedings of the story.

“Jackie” does not follow the fixed pattern of filmmaking neither does it boast of a routine script packaged with sentiments, comedy and action. The film’s narrative follows a totally different path, just like Soori’s earlier films like “Duniya”, “Inthi Ninna Preethiya” and “Junglee”. The audiences will be pleased to watch this film which is high on entertainment quotient, strong on visuals and packed with breathtaking action. In short, there’s not even a single dull moment in the film.

The performances, particularly by Puneet Raj Kumar, are brilliant. He is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic actors in the Kannada film industry. Bhavana’s vulnerable presence and Rangayana Raghu’s mannerisms also stand out.

On the flip side though, there are many moments which could have been captured more intensely. Some of the scenes look forced like the one in which the hero meets the heroine for the first time. The climax sequence also lacks the punch. But these are minor flaws in an otherwise well made movie.

Jackie is a local boy who dreams of making it big but is always short on luck. He gets into trouble when his close friend and neighbour Yashoda elopes with her boyfriend but somehow ends up with a human-trafficking gang.

Jackie sets on a journey to rescue the girl but faces one problem after another.

Puneet delivers a superb performance. The effortless ease with which he gets into the skin of the character is commendable. Rangayana Raghu as a cop is also brilliant.

The songs, written by Yogaraj Bhat and composed by Hari Krishna, stay with you even after coming out of the theatre.

Jackie is an enjoyable fast paced entertainer. Go for it.

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