‘Little Europe’ in Delhi University

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEW DELHI - Delhi University is set to host a film festival showcasing movies on music from countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia and Poland. The event, titled “Little Europe 2010 - Melody and Lyrics”, runs Oct 20-27.

The festival is organised by the university’s department of Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian Studies in association with the embassy of the Czech Republic. The aim is to showcase and understand the culture and music of these countries,” said a Delhi University official.

The first film to be screened Oct 20 is “Big Beat”, a Czech film on the rock ‘n’ roll revolution in Prague. The movie shows how music can change an entire generation.

On Oct 21, Polish film “Chopin, Desire for Love”, about the life of pianist and composer Fryderyk Chopin and his affair with feminist writer George Sand, will be showcased. Chopin’s music is integral to the film, with 77 of his compositions.

Among the other films to the screened is a Croatian movie “Sleep Sweet, My Darling”, a sentimental comedy; a Russian film “We are Jazzmen” about the beginning of jazz in the country and a Hungarian film “Made in Hungary” about a young talented musician.

Anyone can come and watch the films, free of cost. There will be English subtitles, the official said.

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