Oscars 2010 Live Streaming Available

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Sunday, March 7, 2010

Los Angeles (GaeaTimes.com) – The great annual event of Oscars Academy Awards will be held tonight and we are very eager to know which awards goes to whom. The event will be aired on ABC Channel as usual on the 7th March, Sunday from 8:00 pm. From 8 pm the special Oscars red carpet event will be held and you can see your favorite star coming with his / her uniquely chosen outfit. The actual awards ceremony will start from 8:30 PM.
If it happens to be that you don’t have any active cable TV at home or there is no other mode to watch it on TV, you can google it for any live streaming of the Oscars event. If you miss the live event you can still view some of the highlights of the show and there will always be some people who will post them on YouTube. Let’s watch the big show to know who will be the best of the bests.

Now to spice the things up, you can also take part in some betting activities. There are common betting such as who will win which award etc. but there are also some other betting such as ‘will the best actor cry during the speech’ etc. You can deposit money at sportsinteraction.com to have some bet but before doing that you also need to check that they are valid sites and won’t forfeit your money.

There are 10 films in the best picture category in this year. Which do you think will win it? Share with us in the comments section.

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