In light of Shahrukh Khan incident at Newark, do you think US Homeland Security sytematically targets Muslims?

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

In light of Shahrukh Khan incident at Newark, do you think US Homeland Security sytematically targets Muslims?
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July 7, 2010: 2:16 am


June 13, 2010: 5:35 am

laws are same for everybody ,, and overit shah rukh is a pathan from origin ,, who are regarded as greatest threat for USA….!!!

June 8, 2010: 9:04 am

it is actually a drama by S.R.K to grab limelight becaz the then movie have no chance to get was a play after the stunt by S.R.K.

May 19, 2010: 6:21 pm


May 5, 2010: 9:16 am

its the best for me and my siblings

from- shiksha manya rachit anosh

April 14, 2010: 4:27 am

you are very nice
you are great

March 23, 2010: 4:55 pm

i said no but no matter how hard i clicked it wouldnt let me say no,

March 19, 2010: 5:14 am

i hate muslim hope you all die from your own bombs!!

March 18, 2010: 11:01 am

I think racial/gender/age profiling would improve Homeland Security. Look at the stats on terroists and proceed accordingly. Yes, some may be “pulled out” uneccessarily but right now MOST of us are held up for no good reason just to be “fair”.

March 18, 2010: 9:21 am

@ Sheji

“its the Muslims who have the least terrorist-like behavior”

You’ve got a lot to learn. Think of all the terrorist incidents that have happened. How many of the terrorists were Muslim? A good chunk. How many were Buddhist? Mormon? Satanists?

You really need to stop chastising people because it makes you sound doubly ignorant.

March 10, 2010: 10:39 am

It is better that the American police and other immigration staff are asked to write some examination containing questions like “who is the prime minister of Australia” who is the president of America” who is the U.N.O. chief” who is the best batsman in Australian team” “who is the Governor of California”(clue:he is a Hollywood Actor) and some 100 questions like this. And they can be asked to see cinemas of the world, News of various T.V.channels throughout the world instead of spending all their time in office and “home to office ” office to home ” style of life. Whether they have any associations or union to look after their welfare. If so the unions must arrange to do some refresher courses.

March 9, 2010: 5:29 pm

Some Americans think that America makes the world a better place because of the power of media. people talk about what they have heard. just be objective for the first time and th when you talk about something first know what are you saying. how can you say that Islam is not a religion or all muslims are terrorists?? there are very few people who use terror in the name of Islam,” and that “the majority (of Muslims) believe their religion stands for peace and harmony among human kind” as Q’ran said. also there are so many muslim societies, instead of Arabs. It ıs just labeling the people in name of ‘muslim’ from the 9/11 incident.

February 26, 2010: 6:06 am

Of course they are. They are the ones blowin up planes.

February 22, 2010: 10:26 pm

LOL i laughed hard at the guy saying muslims should tell the extremists to stop,rofl,GENIUS.The entire muslim community does that,but they don’t listen ,there is more than religion on the line,money,arms deals,drugs,etc..and to all racists out there..F U.get away from your mom’s computer and try to go and tell that to a man’s face,or better yet join the army,see? your a coward.anyways i think homeland security targets muslims coz they make the majority of americans who voted for bush twice feel satisfied,let’s face it ,most of the us people are rednecks and angry old people!

February 18, 2010: 10:00 am

do an easier question!!

February 16, 2010: 12:35 pm

hi!!! jls here is natalia your big fan i love u so much hope you like me too byeeeee

February 7, 2010: 4:35 am

I do not think the airport security staff “pick” on anyone so to speak - they try to do a fine job to protect the good citizens. I’d rather see people get searched than not for the shear sake of what may happen. Safety first- even if it is Sharuk getting searched. what is the big deal? Just because he is famous actor? He is just another earthly being.Come ON Sharuk stop whinging and play by the rules.People get searched at Indian airports too so do these people create a fuss? — they can’t!!

February 4, 2010: 6:41 am

What a bunch of losers. Its true what is said in a certain country in a certain language - “The general public is a donkey”. How true even in this blogsite. How many of you dumb fools personally know a Muslim who is a terrorist, or even behaves like one. Of people of all religions, its the Muslims who have the least terrorist-like behavior. This is just pure media play. There are even popular bold websites like youtube where you can get a much clearer picture of this. Stop fooling yourselves and talking big talk about stuff you, in truth, have absolutely no knowledge about. Seriously, ask yourself whether you’re writing the truth about what you really know or whether its your own fabrication from some media bias in your head before you actually want to go and click the submit button

January 26, 2010: 3:31 am

I think it is not only Muslim, but a lot of Indians too, They are very racially discriminated and propogate the world to stop racial criticsm.

January 19, 2010: 5:38 pm

I am a white Christian and I have been randomly searched 2 out of the 5 times I have flown since 9/11. I know some who haven’t been searched at all and some who have been searched more.

Just because you are Muslim and get searched does not mean they are out to get you. Everybody is subject to a search. If your name is the same as someone on the watch list, whether it is John Petersen or Ali Hussein, you will experience some difficulty.

I’d rather everybody be searched than have my plane blown up anyday.

January 15, 2010: 2:15 pm

Maybe if Muslims start cleaning up their own house, they wouldn’t be “picked” on, but wait, we can’t profile, grandma, step over here please and bend over, oh, thats ok sir, you don’t want to go through the scanner because it is against your religious beliefs, and you don’t want the bomb o show. Please remove the Burka, mam or sir, as you all look the same.

January 9, 2010: 1:58 am

To all stupid people who thinks Srk did it for cheap publicity stuent

(1) Shahrukh wasn’t angry coz he was checked. He said everytime he vists USA, they check him for 30 minutes which is ok but this time they didn’t check him or even opened his lagguage. He kept waiting for someone to come and clear up the situation but no one came and checked. After an hour they started questioning him and it continued for 2 hours without letting him call anyone else to provide himself right.

(2) They didn’t let him make a single call to prove his identity and make sure he isn’t a terrorist.

(3) They didn’t let him go even if their own 4 airport officials (who were indians) assured them that he is Shahrukh khan the actor and not a terrorist.

(4) They didn’t even search google which only takes 10 seconds to type shahrukh khan and it would bring them search results which has more pages than Tom Cruise.

What would a normal person do when they pass through this ? 4 hours of trouma.

December 23, 2009: 9:09 am

I think homeland security should target muslims way more than they do, since 99 percent of all the violence is being perpetrated by muslim males between the ages of 16- 35.
Not all muslims are guilty, but most of the guilty ones seem to be muslims.

December 4, 2009: 12:19 am

the word “systematically” in ur question,is dissappointingly spelt wrong,making me loose my very mood to answer.Just a reminder to be more careful,coz i respect “words”. They are powerful.

kallu amar
December 3, 2009: 1:51 pm

Hi Guyz,

the comments from muslims, are totally bullshit in this page as they are only looking at islam part, just because he believes and respects other religions.

he will definately feel humiliated , he is “king Khan” a big celebrity of india..he has been entertaining indians for years by his movies, don’t forget we laughed , cried and had lots of fun while watching his movies…….

they should let him call atleast….

November 30, 2009: 4:21 am

An adherent of Islam is a Muslim, meaning “one who submits (to God)”.[2][3] The word Muslim is the active participle of the same verb of which Islām is the infinitive. Islam is a goog religion.

November 29, 2009: 2:39 am

USA is simply making the world a better place. Also those who say that not all muslims are terrorists are missing the point. Most muslims donate some of their income to mosques and mosques run religious schools where extremism is taught to all little kids. Also none of the muslims will say anything bad about Osama because they secretly harbor appreciation for his acts or they simply follow his acts on the name of Islam. If there was no Islam in the world, we wouldn’t be missing out on anytnhing.

November 29, 2009: 2:34 am

Yes and they are correct to do so. The Q’raan preaches the spread of Islam no matter how you do it. Also anyone who kills the infidels is promised heaven. I am ashamed to call Islam a religion. I think it is just a way of preaching violence and teaching warfare to cowards. I hope they keep up their way of profiling m,uslims. It will make the world a better place to live.

Mike Oxlong
November 16, 2009: 4:07 pm

If not, they should!

November 13, 2009: 1:02 am

this is not a matter between muslim this is the matter of terrioms. I think many people think muslim people be behind the terriosm but this is not good think we can not divide religions on that way.only muslims do not spread terror. we have to change our thinking. we have to be faith on muslim and we must not see them on the eye of terriosm.

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