The Dark Knight Rises

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ In Spotlight
LOS ANGELES ( Director Christopher Nolan who has the record of making quite a number of critically acclaimed and blockbuster movies in Hollywood is all set to start shooting for the 'Dark Knight Rises', the sequel to The Dark Knight.
Bane: Villain Of “The Dark Knight Rises”
LOS ANGELES ( Much anticipated Christopher Nolan's movie, "The Dark Knight Rises" is scheduled to hit the theaters in July 2012.
Anne Hathaway As Catwoman In “The Dark Knight Rises”
LOS ANGELES ( It seems that the stunning actress Anne Hathaway has her hands full of activities these days.
Christopher Nolan Announces ‘Batman 3′ Title
LOS ANGELES ( The veteran American film director Christopher Nolan is all set to film his third installment of "Batman Begins".
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