Robert Downey Jr

‘Due Date’ Movie Gets Rave Reviews
LOS ANGELES ( 'Due Date' is a comedy that has hit the theaters and it reunites the actor director duo of the runaway hit 'Hangover', namely Zach Galifianakis and Todd Phillips.
Mark Ruffalo Is The New Hulk
LOS ANGELES ( The speculation on the cast of the movie The Avengers is over finally.
Don Cheadle “Improvised” In “Iron Man 2″
NEW YORK ( Don Cheadle says his 'Iron Man 2' role is quoted with heavy improvisation.
‘Iron Man 2′ Generates Massive Hype
LOS ANGELES ( Today a big budget Hollywood film starring some of the big actors of the industry is getting released world wide.
Inside the Oscar show on Hollywood's biggest night
LOS ANGELES - The Academy Awards is without question Hollywood's biggest night, a time when the world stops to gawk at its celluloid heroes.
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