Jade Goody

LONDON - Late Jade Goody's husband Jack Tweed has infuriated her family by signing a big-money book deal to tell all about his life with her.

NEVADA - Hindus have welcomed Hollywood diva Pamela Anderson's wish "to soak in Indian ethos" during her India visit to participate in popular television reality show "Bigg Boss".

NEW DELHI - What could set the mercury at the "Bigg Boss 4" house soaring real high? Well, international star Pamela Anderson of course.

LONDON - Jade Goody's mother has been selling teddy bears left at her daughter's grave at cheap car boot sales.

LONDON - A suspected arson gang put Jade Goody's widower Jack Tweed's new Essex bar on fire just hours after the reality show 'The only way is Essex' was filmed at the venue.
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