Sofia Vergara Without Make-Up : Still So Beautiful
LOS ANGELES (GaeaTimes.com)- Recently actress Sofia Vergara was framed by the paparazzi without any kind of make-up and the best part to it is that the actress still looks beautiful without it.
Chelsea Handler Slangs Her Way To Friendship
Los Angeles (GaeaTimes.com)- Could there be a better way to thank your friend than by bad mouthing her biggest foe, who stole her husband and wrecked her home? Recently, the two famous BFF of the Tinsel town, Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston, probably got the biggest satisfaction of life after they vented their spleen on Angelina Jolie, who was responsible for the real life break up of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt a few years ago.
Kay PanabakEr
Kay Panabaker and friend at The Grove Hollywood, California.
Christina Milian
Christina Milian Los Angeles Fashion weekend Spring 2011 Collection - Christina Milian Eyewear - Afterparty Hollywood, California.
Claudia Jordan
Claudia Jordan shopping at The Grove with friends Hollywood, California.
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