‘Drive Angry’ entertaining, but lacks focus (IANS Movie Review)

By Satyen K. Bordoloi, IANS
Sunday, February 27, 2011

Film: “Drive Angry”; Cast: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke; Director: Patrick Lussier; Rating: **

What’s the point of a film that does not have a point? The answer is a question - why should a film have a point in the first place? If a film entertains, it should be enough. If one is a believer in that part, “Drive Angry” is definitely a worthy watch.

Milton (Nicolas Cage) literally manages to escape the confinements of hell to prevent a cult led by Jonah King (Billy Burke) that murdered his daughter, from killing his grand daughter. Only, he is pursued by The Accountant (William Fichtner), Satans supernatural sidekick and helped by a totally natural and mortal human, Piper (Amber Heard).

Despite literally having no point and not real charisma, “Drive Angry” does have its moments where it leaps forwards and grabs the audience. Most of these have to do with the infusion of the wit in the film and the character of the accountant.

In terms of technique, the film tries hard to be like a comic book adaptation and though in parts it succeeds with some lines worthy of a repeat, it does look pretentious in other parts. But, it is not a film you watch with your logic glues to your head.

Amber Heard as the woman, who first drives Milton around and later becomes his partner in crime, shows off all that the Indian censor board has permitted.

Fans of brainless action films will have a few take home moments and lines. But beyond it all, it is a predictable ride that has to be taken only out of desperation and not out of a favour to cinema.

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