My character is heart of ‘Drive Angry’: Amber Heard

Thursday, February 24, 2011

NEW DELHI - Hollywood actress Amber Heard is playing the female lead in 3-D movie “Drive Angry” opposite Nicholas Cage. She says her character of a cowboy-boot-wearing and gun-carrying waitress is the heart of the action drama.

“I’ve certainly never read a character like this,” said the Texas-born actress, whose character is called Piper in the movie. She has acted in movies like “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane” and “Stepfather”.

“Piper is a cowboy-boot-wearing, potty-mouthed, gun-carrying, Charger-driving small town diner waitress with a heart of gold,” the actress said in an interaction made available on e-mail.

“Piper is not stereotypical and she would punch you in the mouth if you said she was. She’s not afraid to fire a gun or stand up for what she believes. She is the heart of this movie,” the actress said.

Releasing worldwide Friday, the film is about escaped criminal John Milton (Nicolas Cage), who deserted his only daughter when she was a teenager.

Now he will move heaven and earth to rescue his infant granddaughter from a bloodthirsty cult intent on sacrificing her under the next full moon. With only three days left to find them, he takes the help of Piper, a beautiful waitress with a hot car and a mean right hook.

“She’s the person who really changes, and she changes Milton. She profoundly affects his journey, and she wouldn’t be able to do that if it weren’t for the strength she brings to their bond,” said the actress, who will turn 25 in April this year.

Amber wasn’t about to miss out on a chance to get behind the wheel of some of those beautiful cars.

“I couldn’t stand the fact that there was a possibility my stunt double might have all the fun,” she said. “I worked with our stunt coordinator Johnny Martin, who did ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’. He taught me all of the things that you’re not supposed to learn how to do, all the things that you try to avoid in your normal life, like spinning out, or flipping, or fish tailing, or wrecking, or jumping.

“We did the same thing with fight training. I did a couple of sessions with Johnny and threw some punches with him. Maybe it’s just the Texas in me, but I was good to go after a few minutes.”

The movie was shot in 3-D, using the Paradise FX system, the same technology used to make “My Bloody Valentine 3-D”.

Every precaution was taken to keep both the actors and the autos safe, but Amber’s willingness to try anything had director Patrick Lussier on the edge.

“Amber is to a large degree fearless, which can be a little worrisome,” says Lussier. “Fear is healthy-it keeps you alive. Whatever had to be done, she always came back with, I can do it.”

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