‘MJ may have been alive’ if his doc ‘hadn’t been flirting with waitress’

Friday, February 4, 2011

LONDON - A waitress has revealed that if Michael Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray had looked after the star instead of trying to flirt with her on phone, he would have been alive today.

Murray made the call after allegedly administering a cocktail of drugs. He is said to have left Jackson’s bedroom before ringing, then returned still on his mobile to find him battling for life.

“”I said, ‘Hello’ and he said, ‘It’s Conrad’. I asked him what he was doing and he seemed distracted. It just took him a long time to say anything,” the Sun quoted Sade Anding as describing the call.

“So I was like, ‘OK, let me tell you about my day.’ I must have gone on for five minutes or so. I started saying, ‘Hello? Hello?’ I pushed the phone towards my ear and I could hear coughing and mumbling - there was a lot of commotion,” Andling said.

“It seemed like the phone was in his pocket or somewhere that made a lot of noise. That’s when I hung up. I called and texted him but he didn’t respond. I knew there was something really wrong. I felt like this stabbing pain in my chest.

“I turned on the TV a couple of hours later and heard about Michael. I realised that must have been what was going on. I was really sad about his death and to have heard all that stuff over the phone was really upsetting,” she said.

Andling added, “Maybe Conrad could have reacted faster. I’m mad that he didn’t take care of Michael like he was supposed to. I wish he had never met me. Maybe if he hadn’t called me, Michael would still be here. I feel so guilty.”

Jackson, 50, collapsed at a rented Los Angeles mansion in June 2009. Murray tried to resuscitate him but paramedics were not called for 25 minutes. He was finally announced dead in the hospital. (ANI)

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