Secret to Kylie’s sexy looks - great underwear!

Monday, January 31, 2011

LONDON - Pop diva Kylie Minogue has credited the secret of her sexiness to good underwear and an all-over body make up.

“I know a lot of tricks to make everything look good, basically very good underwear and all-over body make-up. That’s my secret”, she told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview.

The 42-year-old also complained that her bottom often gets more attention than she does, but said she has no plans to stop wearing hot pants.

“My face has been outshone by my bottom. After the ‘Spinning Around’ video, people became a lot more interested in my behind than they were in me. It makes me laugh, and every time I pull on a pair of hot pants I think to myself, ‘This is the last time’, but it never is. I haven’t quite put an end date on hot pants yet,” said Minogue.

She said being thought of as sexy made her happy.

“I’ve never had a problem with being a sex symbol. I’m a woman and it’s a lovely compliment. It’s a nice feeling that people like how you look. I’ve always been very comfortable with it,” she said.

Minogue said she still couldn’t believe she is 42 now.

“Part of me feels like I’m still 21 and I always will be. A lot of people thought I would have a problem when it came to turning 40, but I didn’t - I totally embraced my forties,” she said.

“When I’m in the retirement home, I’ll still be getting out my old costumes and feathers and putting on a show. It’s what I’ve been doing my entire life and it’s a total blast,” she added.

And there is another side to Minogue that most people have not seen.

“I can be a total nerd. I love to pull on casual clothes and play golf, and when I’m with my nephews I turn into this woman who rolls around on the floor, changing nappies and getting covered in poop,” she said. (ANI)

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