Amitabh offers support to A.K. Hangal

Friday, January 21, 2011

NEW DELHI - After Aamir Khan, megastar Amitabh Bachchan has come forward to offer support to ailing veteran actor A.K. Hangal, who is languishing in penury.

“It has been sad and unnerving to learn today of the dire condition of one of our most devoted and dedicated character artists of the industry, Mr A.K. Hangal. I came to know of this through the kind offices of the cyber - the net and the social net,” Amitabh wrote on his blog

“I have now initiated my office, sitting some distance, to render immediate support and help. As individuals, as fraternity, as humans, that is the least we can do (sic),” he wrote.

The 68-year-old has worked with Hangal in “Abhimaan”, “Sholay” and “Sharabi”, and Amitabh admits that he’s disturbed to read about the 95-year-old’s condition.

“It has always been disturbing to read and learn of such occurrences. I do not wish to mention names here, for they are individuals that were idolised and revered in their prime, and bringing up their condition now is an act that would seem most demeaning to them and to their stature,” he said.

“Life’s stories have been overloaded with vivid descriptions of unfortunate circumstances. Circumstances that have brought the greats down to their knees. It is shocking and most undesirable to comment on it, but a quiet yet considered action for their good, is what I would want to get involved in. And I do. My prayers and wishes for Hangal Saheb.”

Hangal, a professional tailor-turned-actor, currently lives with his son Vijaya, 75, in his ground floor flat in Saraswati Apartments, Santacruz East. He is unable to afford his mounting medical bills as he suffering from old age related problems. The father-son duo together have a medical bill of over Rs.15,000 per month and now have to practically choose between spending on food and medication.

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