Aamir is a dream producer: Kiran Rao

Thursday, January 20, 2011

MUMBAI - She didn’t want to work with Aamir Khan in “Dhobi Ghat”, but once he was on board, first-time director Kiran Rao not only enjoyed working with her husband but also got some valuable tips from him. She is however not sure if she will write a script specially for him, although she says he is a “dream producer”.

“Aamir told me, ‘Don’t move on until you’ve got what you want and once you’ve got it, don’t waste time.’ That was his one mantra for me,” Kiran told IANS.

“I would love to work with Aamir again. As of now there is nothing that I have written exclusively for him and to be honest I don’t think I can write something keeping him in mind specially.

“I can work around an idea that I like, but I can’t create something to suit him. So I hope in the future I write something that ultimately suits him,” she said.

Released Friday, Kiran’s film is a beautifully narrated slice-of-life story and all the actors including Aamir fit into their roles and essays them with such elan that it makes “Dhobi Ghat” a wonderful movie.

Talking about working with Aamir, she said: “I had great fun. It’s very easy working with Aamir. He is a real support on the set and is very relaxed. At the same time he is very committed and was there whenever I needed him.”

So did he try to turn her into a perfectionist like himself?

“He doesn’t give up until he is satisfied with what he is doing, but I don’t think perfection is anything. We can only be the best we can. What drives Aamir is basically his passion for what he does. That makes him pull out everything and I have taken that advice from him,” said Kiran, who married Aamir in 2005. The two met during the filming of Aamir’s home production venture “Lagaan”.

Finally, when asked how she would like to define Aamir as a producer, Kiran revealed: “Aamir is a dream producer. He is a kind of producer, if he likes your script, he would let you do whatever you want to.

“He supports you and protects you and budget is also not a big thing. He gives you the freedom to fulfil your vision. I couldn’t have found a better producer. I was really lucky to find him.”

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan, who is known for his diverse roles, says he does only those films that his heart tells him to.

“I just go with my heart and go towards scripts that excite me, touch me and move me and which I feel I will be happy doing. I’ve been lucky that they have been successful,” Aamir told IANS.

For the last five years, all his films have been hits, including “Rang De Basanti”,

“Fanaa”, “Taare Zameen Par”, “Ghajini” and “3 Idiots”.

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