Richards keeps Sheen’s problems away from daughters

Thursday, January 20, 2011

NEW YORK - Hollywood actress Denise Richards is attempting to keep her ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s personal problems a secret from the former couple’s two daughters, and admits she is “learning to deal with” the actor’s upsets.

The actress and her two girls were staying in the same hotel as the “Two And A Half Men” star during a trip to New York in October, when police were called to his suite.

Sheen is said to have trashed the room after flying into a rage during a night of passion with an adult actress, and he was subsequently hospitalised to treat an “adverse allergic reaction” to medication.

Richards supported her former partner after the incident, and even accompanied him to the hospital.

The actress has now spoken out about her concerns for the actor, and admits she’s struggling to keep his troubles a secret from their children, reports

“I think a lot of people are concerned about Charlie and my concern is obviously - what becomes difficult is things become so public. I try my best to keep that quiet from our daughters because, you know, this is something Ive never dealt with in my life until this situation. Im learning how to deal with it and just keeping a lid on it for our kids has been my main priority and it does become difficult,” she said.

Richards is adamant her turbulent relationship with Sheen has calmed down over the last few years, and she was saddened when their family trip to New York last year unravelled in such fashion.

“Thankfully, the last - I would say two years, Charlie and I have been in such a much better place and it makes it so much easier for our daughters. When we went to New York, that was our intention - to have a nice time with the girls and I thought it was great that we could all travel together and go out to dinner and do things even though were not together anymore,” she said.

“The events that took place after that, you know, it was… difficult,” she added.

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