Becks doesn’t always look perfect, says Posh

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LONDON - Just months after Victoria Beckham declared that her husband David looked ‘naturally good all the time’, she appears to have changed her mind.

In an interview with the UK edition of Vogue magazine, the former Spice Girl admitted that she felt relieved when she caught a glimpse of her soccer star spouse looking less-than-perfect just after he woke up, reports the Daily Mail.

“The other morning I looked across at David just after he’d woken up and thought, ‘you look really c**p’, she told the February issue of Vogue.

“Thank God, because this is a man who always looked so perfect,” she added.

Her remarks were in stark contrast to an interview she gave to Marie Claire magazine in October.

“He just naturally looks good all the time. He never looks like s*** in the morning. Never,” she had said at the time.

“So he’s sitting there sending his e-mails, all ripped. Not an ounce of fat on him. And I thought, you done good, girl. I sure wasn’t thinking of his high-pitched voice,” she added.

Victoria also told Vogue, her sixth Vogue cover, that the balance of power is changing in their relationship and that she has given up her long hope of having a daughter.

She also revealed that she has had her breast implants removed. (ANI)

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