Maria Menounos Bikini Malfunction Delights Many Shutters

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MIAMI ( This is just the start of another new year of celebrity wardrobe malfunctioning and the person who kick started this year’s wardrobe malfunctioning trend is super hot model and “Access Hollywood” host, Maria Menounos. It all started, when like other girls in the Miami beach, even she was enjoying a sultry bath in her black skimpy bikini, but perhaps, her clothings were slightly looser than her normal size. As a result, an unfortunate bikini malfunction, gave her the embarrassment of her life, and the first wardrobe malfunction of the year.

As she emerged out of the sea, like all other bikini divas of the tinsel town, she grabbed the attention of the omnipresent paparazzi, who probably have no other productive jobs these days, and therefore went to Miami beach, to spend the holiday. By God’s grace, they got the first raunchy snap of the year, where the bottom half of Maria Menounos‘ bikini slipped aside, to reveal more than what the pretty 32 year old host was actually expecting. The most surprising part of the story is that, Maria Menounos had no clue about this revealing faux pass, and she continued with her display of steamy seaside attitude, along with many other things. To make the matter worse, no one even bothered to inform the hottie about the malfunction, and they continued with delighting their camera shutters.

Maria Menounos bikini malfunction is right now the hottest trending topic in the internet. Those who knew her, are constantly taking a peek-a boo of her private parts, while those who did not know her are now aware of who she is. However, it seems that the pretty lady is not much bothered, as she tweeted, saying that the paparazzi had some fun, and expects the snaps to be flattering.

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