How Emma Watson led a ‘normal life’ despite being a millionaire

Sunday, November 28, 2010

LONDON - Even though she is one of the highest paid actress in Hollywood, Emma Watson says she is trying to live as normal an existence as possible.

She has credited her parents, who divorced when she was five, for laying down the law, reports the Daily Mail.

It was they who insisted that she continue going to school when possible, and famously allowed her only 50 pounds a month pocket money when she was earning millions.

“I think the fact that I kept going to school really helped, because I have a life and friends outside the film industry, which is a bit nuts. And I guess it’s partly my upbringing, my parents. We haven’t made these films in Hollywood; we’ve made them in Watford, and we’ve really been in our own bubble, so we’ve had quite a normal existence in a way,” said Watson.

The 20-year-old actress hoped her fortune doesn’t ‘complicate relationships’ for her.

“I hope it doesn’t complicate relationships. I think it can make guys quite uncomfortable. I do have to be sensitive. I’m a student right now, so I’m not going to trot around college with a 1,000-pounds handbag. That’s silly,” she said.

While studies are the focus of Watson’s life at the moment, there is no question of writing her out of the Hollywood scene.

She is continuing to act, and is currently working on ‘My Week With Marilyn’, in which she plays a wardrobe assistant to Marilyn Monroe. (ANI)

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