Winslet ditches new boyfriend as she ‘wants her own space’

Monday, November 22, 2010

LONDON - After getting married twice and romancing model Louis Dowler for four months, Kate Winslet has now realized that said she wants to be alone.

After her split from second husband Sam Mendes, friends were delighted that she had taken up with Dowler. But just four months later the romance is over and Kate has said she wants to be alone.

They had met at a party given by a mutual friend soon after Winslet and film director Mendes, 45, announced that they were ending their seven-year marriage ‘amicably and by mutual consent’.

Winslet even introduced him to her parents, Sally and Roger, just weeks into the relationship. Although there were high hopes the romance would last, they have now gone their separate ways and those close to the pair say it was a classic case of love on the rebound.

“Louis was just the tonic Kate needed after her painful split from Sam and they had a wonderful time,” the Daily Mail quoted a friend as saying.

“However, they have realised their relationship isn’t working and Kate needs space to be on her own. She is very grateful to Louis for helping her pick her life back up after her marriage ended and they had a lot of fun together, but she felt it had come to an end and wants to concentrate on her career and children.”

Winslet has a six-year-old son Joe with Mendes, the Oscar- winning director of American Beauty, from whom she parted in March.

Dowler, had hoped to move to Chicago to be with Winslet while she made her latest film, Contagion, in which she plays a doctor, alongside Matt Damon.

But after the relationship hit a crisis point last month, Dowler decided to return to London alone.

“Louis was all for supporting Kate in Chicago and has bonded really well with her children. But Kate felt she needed to go alone in the end and have time to herself.

“She feels she has rushed into things and wants to be alone to find out what it is that she wants,” the friend added. (ANI)

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