PETA threaten to douse Posh in ‘lizard blood’ over her handbag collection

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LONDON - Spice Girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham has been targeted by PETA threatening to pull their most controversial stunt ever - by dousing her in lizard blood.

Aides for Beckham are being forced to bolster security when she comes to the UK ahead of the launch of her new handbag collection.

Furious that Victoria’s bags - made from crocodile, lizard and calf leather - are being billed as next season’s ultimate accessory, the animal rights’ activists are planning a spectacular coup d’etat.

“PETA have been on Victoria’s back for weeks, sending email after email, and even publicly Tweeting her, posting things like, ‘Skins are never posh, Posh’. But it’s not as if Victoria is going to the Everglades and strangling the crocs with her bare hands,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

“Peta know she is highprofile and that whatever stunt they pull will garner mass publicity. The fact her bags were so well received at her recent showcase in New York has simply given them more incentive.

“One of the ideas being mooted is that Victoria gets covered in a bucket of animal blood - cow or lizard - at her next UK public appearance. Another rather sick suggestion was to pelt crocodile feet at her when she goes to an editors’ lunch in London next month. Victoria tries not to surround herself with bodyguards but her security has had to be increased,” the source added.

Last night a spokeswoman for Victoria said: “Everyone is entitled to personal opinion and choice, but as with all Victoria Beckham products, the handbags are made to the highest quality and design. These skins sit strictly within the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) regulations, and are monitored at every step of production. The skins are farmed in America under very tight guidelines.” (ANI)

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