Eva Mendes dreamt of becoming a nun

Friday, September 17, 2010

LONDON - Eva Mendes is one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood, but she might not have entered showbiz ever had she pursued her childhood dream of being a nun.

In an interview with The Ticket, ‘The Other Guys’ star has revealed that she wanted to be a nun, but gave up on the dream when she realised it won’t pay her.

“I decided I wanted to be a nun and I have no idea why I had such a fascination with them. My family were always working hard just to pay the bills, so I told my mom that when I grew up I would pay all the bills for her and buy her a house,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

“Then my sister said, “How are you gonna do that? Don’t you realise nuns don’t get paid?” So that was the end of that dream,” she added.

When asked how does it feel to be classed as one of the world’s sexiest women, Eva, 36, said: “It is very flattering but, honestly, it’s all hair and make-up. Take all of that away and I really am very average - just your girl next door. When I’m at home that’s how I look. I’m just normal.”

“You have to take that stuff with a pinch of salt anyway, otherwise you would be destroyed when you’re no longer considered that hot. So you just say “thank you” and then move on,” she said. (ANI)

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