‘Nannavanu’ an ordinary, cliched film (Kannada Film Review)

By V.S. Rajapur, IANS
Saturday, May 29, 2010

Film: “Nannavanu”; Director: Sreenivasa Raju; Cast: Prajwal, Aindrita Ray and Avinash; Music: Ilayaraja; Rating: *1/2

“Nannavanu” by director Sreenivasa Raju is neither an intense love story nor a reincarnation story. It is just an ordinarily narrated story with too many cliched elements.

The first half of the film really tests your patience. What is supposed to be comedy is nothing but a senseless narrative of crude jokes. When you feel that the second half is coming to grips, you are subjected to more torture in the form of a rather unconvincing flashback.

You feel terribly disappointed watching this film as it does not have a credible story or a believable script, but only confused sequences. Raju should have worked hard on the script instead of adding illogical sequences in his screenplay.

The only consolation is that there is not much gore and bloodshed in the film despite it being a reincarnation revenge drama.

Music director Ilayaraja has created two pleasing members. Komal, who plays a comic role, tries to evoke some laughter in his sequences, but they are not well-written either.

In the film, Bharadwaj is a young advocate who gets only silly, petty cases, adding to the comedy quotient. And then he gets a big case for a fee of Rs.50 crore from Sanjana, who has nightmares about her death in her previous birth.

Later it is revealed that Sanjana and Bharadwaj were lovers in their previous birth and were killed by the present chief minister of the state. In a courtroom drama, Bharadwaj gets to the bottom of the truth and wins Sanjana’s heart as the two lovers get united in this birth too.

To be fair to Prajwal, one must say that he has shown sparks of talent in the film. He comes out with a decent performance. Aindrita is a good choice for the role and she ad to the glamour quotient.

Music maestro Ilayaraja has composed two good songs in “Muththuththaare Muththamma” and “Hey Maamu”.

‘Nannavanu’ is an ordinary fare. You can maybe watch it once for the pair of Prajwal and Aindrita.

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