‘Nooru Janmaku’ - Dull film on recession blues (Kannada Movie Review)

By V.S. Rajapur, IANS
Saturday, May 22, 2010

Film: “Nooru Janmaku”; Producer: Vinay Lad; Writer and Director: Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar; Cinemetographer; Santhosh Kumar Pathaje; Music: Mano Murthy; Cast: Santhosh, Aindrita Ray, Adarsh, Sharan, Bhavya, Bank Janardhan. Rating: **

Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar, a well-known writer and columnist, is a director who raises the expectation level of audiences whenever he makes films. Naturally, when Nagathihalli announced he will be directing a film which centres around the issue of global recession, there were huge expectations.

But unfortunately the director has let his fans down.

Many things have gone horribly wrong in this film, including the selection of actors.

Nagathihalli has written the script with some superficial ideas on the subject without going deep into the background and efects of recession.

Nagathihalli has concentrated more on creating grandeur, but the soul is missing in the film. Some uninspiring and unwanted sequences makes the film drag at times.

The director has tried to cover up the shortcomings in his screenplay by presenting the film as a dazzling spectacle with the Star cruise of Macau and the fantastic Hong Kong outdoors as the backdrop.

But these things do not make a good film and the weak screenplay and ordinary performances by the actors make the film exasperating to watch at most times.

Yet, there are some sequences where the vintage Nagathihalli is seen. The climax is really well done. Nagathihalli also shines in a few sequences which show how a victim of job loss is tormented.

The story revolves around Santhosh, who is the head of a private firm. He hires Aindrita and she performs quite well and brings in good profits for the firm.

Santhosh, who initially doubted Aindrita’s calibre, also falls in love with her, but she surprises him by introducing him to her fiance.

After the recession, Santhosh again meets Aindrita in Hong Kong and Macau.

The plus point in the film is Aindrita’s performance, which really stands out. Santhosh fairs alright.

The music by Mano Murthy is average. Santhosh Kumar Pathaaje’s camera work is fantastic.

“Nooru Janmaku” could have been a better film if Nagathihalli had done better work on his script. In the end, it is a dull film in comparison to Nagathihalli’s earlier efforts.

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