No Salman Khan for Katrina’s birthday?

By Subhash K. Jha, IANS
Monday, June 29, 2009

MUMBAI - After last year’s bad experience, Katrina Kaif has decided to celebrate her birthday with her family in London. The actress is looking forward to meeting her family, but didn’t reveal whether beau Salman Khan will be with her or not.

Katrina will turn 25 on July 16 and this time the actress, who is said to be under a lot of external and internal pressure, is determined to make her birthday a happy, stress-free and comfortable occasion.

Katrina will take off for a rare full-family reunion in London this July, to coincide with her birthday. She doesn’t confirm the birthday, but admits that she’s planning a holiday with family in July.

“I’ve been burning the midnight oil to make myself free for my family. I’m exhausted and stressed. And I can’t wait to go home. Though I’ve met parts of my family on every visit home all of us eight siblings have not been together in nine years… can you believe it! I really want to do this,” Katrina, who has earned rave reviews for her performance in just released “New York”, told IANS.

Katrina is the middle sister among the seven girls of the Kaif family. She has always been the apple of the eye and it was very traumatic for her to wrench herself away from the family cocoon in London and make a career on her own in Mumbai.

According to close friends, Katrina was petrified of the isolation here. That’s why when Salman Khan’s family took her in their fold, she was indebted to them.

Last year Salman created a major embarrassment for her by picking up a fight with Shah Rukh Khan.

After the incident, is Katrina trying hard to gently move away from her adopted family?

“I’m just so looking forward to being with all my sisters. My brother is also taking the time off to be in London for the first time in years with all of us sisters. I’ve been with some of my siblings in London. But never all. It’s not holiday for me. It’s a necessity. And nothing can stop from making it happen,” she said.

The actress’ popularity soared after the success of “Namaste London” and “Singh Is Kinng”.

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