DUBLIN - There is arguably no place more central to Ireland's capital than the River Liffey, snaking its way through the city and dividing Dublin into north and south sides before emptying into the Irish Sea at the city's edge.
An euphoric end to a bittersweet Olympics
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - They were the resilient Winter Games - beginning in shock, ending in euphoria.
Roger Ebert gets 'voice' grandkids can recognize
CHICAGO - Film critic Roger Ebert says computer programmers have captured his voice from movie commentary tracks so he can type what he wants to say and listeners hear a voice that sounds like him.

NEW YORK - Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is facing up to a year in jail in a New York City gun case this week.

WARSAW, Poland - A rare documentary about Nobel Prize winning poet Wislawa Szymborska portrays a lively yet distinguished woman who savors the world's contrasts, from 17th-century Dutch painting to boxing.
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