Christian Bale

New Batman Movie: Anne Hathaway’s Makeover!
LOS ANGELES ( The expectation of the Batman fans from ace director Christopher Nolan are quite high considering his last Batman flick 'The Dark Knight' turned out to be a huge success.
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ In Spotlight
LOS ANGELES ( Director Christopher Nolan who has the record of making quite a number of critically acclaimed and blockbuster movies in Hollywood is all set to start shooting for the 'Dark Knight Rises', the sequel to The Dark Knight.
‘Dark Knight Rises’ Hogs Spotlight
LOS ANGELES ( The excitement surrounding the forthcoming Batman movie is rising with time even before the script of the film has got in hands of producers.
Christian Bale caught snoozing during first Batman scene, wakes up, says its not the first time
LONDON - Christian Bale made the ultimate goof-up while shooting for his first scene as Batman-he was caught sleeping on the set.
‘Blood thirsty’ Christian Bale struggles with veggie food. Can we say ‘Ob-darn-viously’
WASHINGTON - Christian Bale has been having a hard time being a vegetarian since the actor often craves to eat meat.
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