BOSTON - James Levine (luh-VYNE') has returned to the stage as conductor of Boston Symphony Orchestra.

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio - Surrounded by cameras and familiar faces Mo Williams hadn't seen in months, Cleveland's guard looked up, stretched his arms out to both sides and announced what the world has known about the Cavaliers since a fateful decision this summer.

BOSTON - When Ken Burns decided to update his epic documentary "Baseball" to chronicle the tumultuous developments since it first aired in 1994, he knew that he didn't want to make a movie of the Mitchell Report.
The Town (Ben Affleck, The Town)
Ben Affleck Premiere of 'The Town' at Fenway Park Boston, USA.

BOSTON - James Levine (luh-VYNE') is expected to be back leading the Boston Symphony Orchestra when it begins its fall season next month.
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