Harish Raj’s directorial venture ‘Gun’ passable (Kannada Film Review, Rating **)

By V.S. Rajapur, IANS
Saturday, February 26, 2011

Film: “Gun”; Cast: Harish Raj, Nikitha, Mallika Kapoor, Rangayana Raghu, P.N.

Sathya, M.S. Umesh, Sundarashree and others; Story, Screenplay: Harish Raj-Manju Mandavya; Direction: Harish Raj; Music: Ranie Raphel; Rating: **

Actor Harish Raj turned director through “Kalaakar” which was reasonably well made revolving around the story of an aspiring cine actor. Though the film did not achieve box office success, the film was able to get some appreciation for the way the youngster had handled his debut direction. Harish Rai has attempted to get an image change as an actor and also a director through his second film “Gun” which has lot of mass elements. Harish Raj plays a pucca local character and he has carried off his role with raw looks very well in this film. But unfortunately his contribution as a director nosedives and he also fails in writing a logical screenplay for the film.

Well, one thing that has to be said positively about the film is that it engages the audience throughout the second half and parts of first half. The dialogues written by Manju Mandavya are crispy. The camera work is pleasing.

The flashback episode is really cute and a good song has been picturised in these portions.

But unfortunately the negative points in the film like the weak screenplay and predictable sequences overpower the finer points of the film. Finally “Gun” ends up as an average fare belying the expectations that Harish Raj can give something fresh in his second directorial venture.

Harish Raj is shown as a drunkard throughout the film except in the flashback episode. But finally in the climax sequence he is shown as an inspector of police. There is not even one sequence in the film that has any link to this transformation.

The relationship between hero and his mother lacks consistency in this film. And only Harish Raj has to answer how the villain’s brother who comes from Dubai goes on a shooting and killing spree at the drop of a hat.

Ganesh is a 24×7 drunkard who often does some good work too. A television reporter Mallika likes him and even pleads for his love.

But Ganesh has a tragic past which he reveals to Mallika and tells her to forget him. Ganesh is in love with Vandana who unfortunately becomes a victim of a shoot out in the city which makes him to lose interest in life and he takes to drinking.

But Mallika convinces him and starts loving him. Mallika’s investigative report reveals that the local corporator has grabbed the land belonging to the government.

The corporator’s brother attacks Mallika who runs for cover. Ganesh arrives at the scene and finds that the corporator’s brother is none other than the same person who killed Vandana. An enraged Ganesh kills the corporator’s brother. The wicked corporator kidnaps the sister of Ganesh and even kills her. Ganesh tries to attack the corporator,

but finally the corporator gets killed by his own wife who gets to know of his attrocities.

Harish Raj has improved in his performance. Out of the two heroines, Nikitha performs well in her role. Even she is well presented on screen. Mallika Kapoor despite her experience in the south needs to show a lot of improvement in her performance. Rangayana Raghu is impressive in his role as a corporator, while director P.N. Sathya irritates with his performance. Sangeetha acquits well in her small role.

Musically the film is not strong enough, but two songs are well composed. Background score needed more improvement. “Gun” is engaging for some time, but in totality it is an average film.

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