I wasn’t nervous performing with dad Naseer: Vivaan Shah

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MUMBAI - His father is an award-winning actor and is known for his powerful performances but Naseeruddin Shah’s college-going son Vivaan was not at all nervous while sharing screen space with his veteran dad in his debut film “7 Khoon Maaf”.

“Our characters are interesting and both the characters have very colourful picturisation; yet there is a huge contrast between the two characters. I was not nervous while performing with my father. Every time he was there on the set, I was motivated and charged up even more,” said Vivaan, 21, who feels “Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai” is his father’s best film and his favourite.

“With my father being such a big actor, there will be a pressure on me. I will try my best to look at it in a healthy way so that the pressure will have a constructive influence on me and help me to do better and be better.”

Vivaan, younger son of Naseer, plays Priyanka Chopra’s fourth husband in director Vishal Bharadwaj’s dark thriller “7 Khoon Maaf”.

Talking about his character, he said: “My character ages from 17 to 40 years. I grow up to be a forensic scientist and all through I build a relationship with Susanna. I had to put on five kilograms to fit the bill of a 40-year-old. My character goes though a huge contrast.”

And Naseer too plays one of the seven husbands of Priyanka in the movie.

Based on author Ruskin Bond’s short story “Susanne’s Seven Husbands”, the film captures the romantic misadventures of Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, a beautiful woman who over the course of 35 years gets married seven times and all her spouses mysteriously die.

Working on this film was a learning experience for this student.

“I learnt everything about professionalism; work ethics, about how the industry works, about acting; shooting and how so many efforts combine in making films. I think that’s the biggest lessons I have learnt,” said Vivaan who is in the final year of graduation.

“7 Khoon Maaf” is set to release worldwide Friday.

How did the role come to you?

“It’s a complicated affair. Vishalji had seen me and observed me when he was still in the process of casting and was contemplating whom to cast for the crucial character. One day he calls me to his office and asks me if I want to audition. Again he sort of observed me and told me that I have been considered for the character,” said the actor who wants to dip his fingers in both the flavours of movies - art house and commercial cinema.

Though he has started his acting journey, the youngster wasn’t interested in facing the camera at all.

“No, I never wanted to get into acting. I always had this strong determination that I don’t want to be an actor because ever since I was a kid, my parents being in the industry, it was always something that was expected from me. So there was a determination that I will show them (friends) by not being an actor. I thought I will be an engineer or anything, but never an actor. But this determination evaporated when Vishalji called me.”

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