Tuesday at 10am - most stressful time of the week

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LONDON - A Brit study has found that the most stressful time of the working week is Tuesday at 10am.

In the study, half of British employees pinpointed mid-morning on Tuesday as their ’stress peak’ - when their workload becomes ‘too much’ and they start to crumble under the pressure, reports the Telegraph.

The majority of workers said they coast through Monday getting their brain in gear and catch up with gossip from the weekend and discussing TV shows they’ve watched.

However, on Tuesday reality sets in and staff spend the very first part of the day going through emails they ignored on Monday before planning the week ahead.

And they’re faced with a mountain of a to-do list to tackle and struggle with their boss’ demands or impending deadlines.

The study carried out by the leading recruitment agency Michael Page quizzed 3,000 Brit office workers- aged between 18 and 45- on their level of stress throughout the typical working week.

It found a quarter regularly feel stressed at work and for three quarters of workers they regularly come to the end of their tether by 11.16am each day.

But 1 in 5 find it gets too much before nine o’clock.

4 in 10 blamed heavy workloads and a third said dealing with difficult clients or customers left them feeling frazzled.

Yet 3 in 10 admitted it was their boss, which caused them tension in the office and one in six blamed their colleagues for not listening to their cries for help. (ANI)

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