Star’s bizarre beauty secrets include loofah brush, Sellotape, ketchup

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LONDON - The beauty secrets of some of the stars have been revealed and they include using a loofah brush to get glamorous hair, Sellotape to remove excess make-up and ketchup to retain hair colour.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s glamorous locks in this month’s US InStyle magazine has been attributed to the loofah brush, which hairstylist David Babaii used to roll pieces of her damp hair on before blasting with heat to add texture.

And where Sellotape is concerned, make-up artist Kabuki finds it useful for removing excess make-up from singer Lady Gaga’s face.

When it comes to removing the nasty shade of green that blonde hair turns into after swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool, ketchup can be helpful. All one needs to do is apply the tomato sauce before using a shampoo.

Another beauty regime is condensed milk, which actress Felicity Kendal’s hair colourist Lea Harrison often applies to the star’s scalp when doing her bleach highlights.

“This prevents irritation and soothes the scalp, which can get sore if it comes into contact with peroxide,” the Daily Mail quoted Harrison as saying.

Among other things used are fabric softener sheets, which help in removing static from hair after a blow-dry, baby spoons to tone down mascara, and feminine wash to remove make-up. (ANI)

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