Vinnie Jones wants comedy roles

Monday, January 24, 2011

LONDON - Big screen hard man Vinnie Jones wants to move away from action roles and star in comedy movies.

The “Swordfish” star who became an actor after enjoying a successful career as a soccer player known for his tough style of play in England would love to take on roles that make people laugh but feels he has been stereotyped as a hard man, reports

“I’d like to get into comedy, but no one will take the chance — I’m not known for my comedy. A lot of my roles are tongue-in-cheek but people don’t see it. The trouble is you go and do a nice piece, like a film I shot with Derek Jacobi and Vanessa Redgrave a few years ago where I had the lead role. All the critics said it was a great little film, a great story and great acting, but audiences just want to see Vinnie bashing people up. It’s a catch 22, really,” he said.

Vinnie is referring to 2007 film “The Riddle”, a murder mystery which focused on a girl who is killed after she discovers an unpublished Charles Dickens manuscript.

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