Darshan creates magic in ‘Boss’ (Kannada Film Review)

By V.S. Rajapur, IANS
Saturday, January 15, 2011

Film: “Boss”; Director: Raghu Raj; Cast: Darshan, Navya Nair, Rekha, Rangayana Raghu, Bullet Prakash, Sumithra and Umashri; Music: Hari Krishna Rating: **1/2

“Boss”, the lone Kannada release on Sankranti festival this year, is for all Darshan fans. This hugely popular charismatic star creates magic in the action and songs sequences. His comedy is also near perfect.

But the film as a whole doesn’t fully satisfy you as the narration does not carry momentum and proceedings are slow till the climax. Director Raghuraj’s script also has too many twists and turns.

Even the climax sequence, which may keep you on the edge of your seat for sometime, withers off in a few minutes as it brings back memories of films made in the late 1970s and 1980s.

To be fair to the director, he has crafted some very good, engaging sequences in the film but the narration slackens suddenly when you are hoping for some good moments on screen.

Also, the director has not used his actresses properly and it is a tragedy that someone like talented Navya Nair is wasted.

Even technically, the film falls short of the standards seen in earlier Darshan films.

But Darshan is clearly the film’s plus point. He exudes energy, looks dashing and even sports a new look — without a moustache.

In the story, Raam and Raaj are brothers but live in different places. Raam enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. A corporate head, he is shrewd enough to wipe out all his business rivals — with the help of his brother Raaj, an uneducated goon.

Raaj is ill-treated by his elder brother but still loves him and his mother.

But in a sudden twist, while Raaj is on a mission to threaten his brother’s opponents, he finds Raam dead in a farm house. Meanwhile, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) starts a probe and questions Raaj.

Watch the film to see how the twists and turns pan out.

Darshan carries forth the film despite a weak script and he emerges a winner in the role of a street rowdy who bashes up goons and even helps the police in apprehending a dreaded criminal. He carries off the rope tricks and trademark dialogues well.

Both Navya Nair and Rekha are wasted, though the latter adds to the film’s glamour quotient. Rangayana Raghu’s comedy is average and Bullet Prakash manages to evoke a few laughs. Veteran artists Sumithra and Umashri excel in their limited roles.

Music director Harikrishna, who has been in top form these days, fails to give his best in “Boss”. The song “Jaane Jaaneman” has a good tunes, while the three other songs are picturised well.

“Boss” is a film that Darshan fans can enjoy but it certainly is not a Sankranti feast for others.

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