Jermaine Jackson trapped in Africa after passport expires

Sunday, January 9, 2011

LONDON - Late pop legend Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine has been left stranded in Africa after his passport expired during a trip abroad and reportedly won’t be renewed until he’s up to date with payments.

The Jackson 5 legend filed papers in September 2010 alleging he can no longer afford to pay $3,000-a-month in child support for sons Jaafar and Jermajesty to ex-wife Alejandra. He asked a judge to cut the costs down to $215-per-month, and insisted his ex-wife earns more money than him and lives for free at his mother Katherine’s estate.

In 2009, Alejandra filed legal papers claiming the star was $35,550 behind on instalments.

Officials recently confiscated Jackson’s driving licence in a bid to make him pay up, and his financial woes have now left him trapped in Burkina Faso after his passport expired during the trip, reports

The US State Department of Child Support Services automatically passes on information to law officials, who can prevent a person renewing their travel documents until they are up to date with their agreed payment plan.

Jackson allegedly now owes $91,921 as of December 2010.

This is the latest blow to the relationship between Jermaine and his former wife as last Thursday, the executors of his late brother Michael’s estate launched legal action to have Alejandra and her two kids evicted from the family’s estate in Encino, California.

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