If ‘Yamla…’ does well, will bring its sequel: Sunny Deol

By Alkesh Sharma, IANS
Sunday, January 9, 2011

CHANDIGARH - Sunny Deol, who is in his home state with father Dharmendra and brother Bobby to promote his forthcoming film “Yamla Pagla Deewana” that boasts of Punjabi tadka, says if the comedy garners good revenues at the box office they will make a sequel.

“Whenever a film did well, we got a sequel to it. This trend is fast emerging in Bollywood. Therefore if ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ does well, then we will also bring its sequel,” said Sunny who was here to promote the film and is confident that the people of his state will welcome the movie.

“We always like to come to Punjab and this time we have come for the promotion of our film. We don’t need to do anything extraordinary to attract the attention of the people here. We know that people of this state will always welcome us,” said Sunny.

For the first time Deols are aggressively promoting a film.

“We have realised the importance of marketing and promotion of films. That is why this time all three of us are together promoting the film in various cities as wells as through television and other mediums. Our audiences expect this from us, so we are doing it,” said Sunny who is happy with the response so far.

“So far the response to the film’s promos is very encouraging and it has seen countless hits on the internet. Initially, papa was not very sure about the film, but gradually we convinced him. This film is more special as it also marks papa’s 50 years in Bollywood,” said the 54-year-old who has good projects in hand.

“Currently, I am working on two projects. One is a romantic comedy with Kangana Ranaut and Naveen Andrews and in the other I am playing a Sikh Sanskrit teacher,” he said.

Releasing Friday, director Samir Karnik’s film will have real life father-sons playing the same roles on the screen four years after “Apne” that came in 2007. Dharmendra describes “Yamla Pagla Deewana” as “muscular comedy”.

“Earlier, we had acted together in ‘Apne’ that was released in 2007. With that film, we made people cry, therefore we decided that with our next film we will make them laugh. Now we are ready with ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’, which is a pure muscular comedy,” Dharmendra, 75, told IANS.

“I am feeling very satisfied with the making of the film and now enthusiastically waiting for the release. Earlier, we had floated the title ‘Trouble Shrouble’, then ‘Trouble Double’, but finally settled on ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’,” said Dharmendra.

Dharmendra grew up in Sahnewal village near Ludhiana where his father was a school headmaster. Now the place has developed into a small town.

About his Bollywood journey, Dharmendra said: “I am satisfied with my journey in Bollywood. I deliberately kept myself away from cinema for the last few years because I was not getting the kind of role I wanted. I couldn’t actually relate to them. But now I am all set to make a strong comeback.”

The film will see the yesteryears star having a very unique and funny relationship with Bobby in the film - both of them live in Benares and treat each other like best buddies and do all kind of funny stuff together. Sunny plays Dharmendra’s estranged son who comes all the way from Canada to India in search of his dad and brother.

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