KJo’s New Year vow: Throw away excess baggage! (Movie Snippets)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

MUMBAI - Filmmaker Karan Johar has a New Year resolution. He wants to throw away all kinds of excess baggage in his life.

“My resolution for 2011…get rid of all kinds of excess baggage…emotional and my cluttered closet!!! Why pile up when you can unfold,” Johar posted on his Twitter page.

He will hopefully get back to direction in the coming year, and has wished everyone “Big love and happiness in 2011!!!”.

“Happy new year to all of you…the lovers,the haters and my favourite gang…the indifferent ones,” he added.


Look who is gymming - Calendar!

And we thought it’s just the heroes and heroines in Bollywood who sweat it out for a svelte and fit figure. Bollywood’s pot-bellied Calendar Satish Kaushik is also busy working out these days.

“Yesterday no workouts because of late night shoot..today my trainer Rajiv is pushing me so much in the gym…jaan nikal di yaar (almost killed me),” the actor-filmmaker posted on Twitter.

Seems like his weight is taking its toll on Kaushik, who failed to create any flutter with his box office dud “Milenge Milenge” in 2010.


Rahul Bose likes reading, not hearing scripts

Acclaimed actor Rahul Bose, known for his distinct choice of roles, says he prefers flipping through scripts himself rather than sit through melodramatic script reading sessions with filmmakers.

“Up at 5. One script down, one more to go. Always prefer reading scripts. If it doesn’t talk off the page, no amount of ejaculations and gesticulations will ever save it. (sic),” Rahul posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The actor’s last release was “The Japanese Wife”, and his performance was widely appreciated.

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