9.99 pounds clip on boot stirrup solves ‘baggy jeans knee’ problem

Saturday, December 4, 2010

LONDON - Your jeans going baggy when tucked into boots in winters may now become a thing of the past, as a fashion-conscious businesswoman has found a solution to this.

Louise Camby has invented a clip-on stirrup that attaches to each hem on a pair of jeans after she became fed up with the irritating winter faux pas.

The popular jeans-in-boots look modelled by Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham is often marred by folds and creases around the knees - giving the wearer a Russian Cossack look.

But the handy clip-on stirrups slip under the instep and hold the leg of the jeans in place and prevent them from riding up inside winter boots, which causes bagginess around the knees.

“This is something that affects a lot of people. I even cut out a picture of Sam Cam with baggy knees and sent it to her along with a pair of Strupz,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“The idea came to me in October 2008 when I was struggling to tuck my jeans into my boots comfortably.

“My jeans wouldn’t stay in and would bunch up around the knees. It just didn’t look neat enough for me.

“After much research I discovered that there wasn’t any other option, so I proceeded to create one myself,” she said.

Strupz are designed to keep jeans tucked into wellies, UGGs and winter boots while eliminating the unattractive spare folds around the knee. (ANI)

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