Peter Andre rushed to hospital after collapsing with stomach pains

Saturday, November 27, 2010

LONDON - Singer Peter Andre was rushed to hospital after he collapsed due to unbearable stomach pain.

A statement from his management said the medical drama happened in the early hours of this morning, and stated Peter had been in ‘excruciating’ agony.

He’s currently being kept in for extensive tests and scans.

Peter’s manager Claire Powell couldn’t confirm the actual cause of Peter’s stomach pain.

“We are very worried about Peter and at present we do not know what is causing him to be in so much pain. Peter is terribly disappointed that he is unable to perform at tonight’s sold out opening night. At this time we have no more information though we are hoping Peter will be able to perform at Minehead tomorrow as planned,” the Daily Mail quoted the manager as saying.

A day before, Peter also mentioned on his twitter page that he’s experiencing some health problems that he’s not aware of.

He wrote on his twitter page, “I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been feeling too great these last couple of weeks. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’ve got some ongoing health problems, and I’ve been having lots of tests at the hospital. I also had an MRI scan last week, so hopefully the doctors will get to the bottom of it soon.

Pete also complained of stomach pains last week on his ITV2 reality TV show and has previously suffered from gallstones. (ANI)

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