Nakkeeran Nithyananda: Sex Scandal

By Swatilekha, Gaea News Network
Thursday, March 4, 2010

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU ( At least nine people have been taken into custody by police authorities for creating a rampage in the ashram of Swami Nithyananda after the spiritual leader was featured by a television channel getting involved in a sexually explicit video. The sleazy act involving the spiritual leader along with an actress came to the limelight after a Tamil television channel aired the video footage with the Nakkeeran weekly following up with images of the godman in compromising position with two women.

After controversial clippings were made public, irate supporters of the Swami Nithyananda created a ruckus in his ashram in Bangalore and in many other towns his supporters burnt his effigies to showcase their protest. As the protests gained huge momentum, police authorities had to deploy forces near Swami Nithyananda’s ashrams in order to avoid any untoward incident. Meanwhile, since the controversial video footage has surfaced, the whereabouts of the spiritual leader remains unknown. Meanwhile, in the wake of the public outcry resulting from the controversial clippings, it is being reported that the Tamil Nadu police has slammed charges of cheating against the godman, who is said to have large number of devotes in Southern India.

After the explicit footage was aired followed up by the publication of the images in the Tamil magazine Nakkeeran, the Nityananda Mission ashram added that the video featuring the sex romp was a ‘mix of conspiracy, graphics and rumors’. According to reports, while reacting to the controversy Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has emphasized that such kind of sleazy acts committed by so-called spiritual leaders should not be tolerated by the government.

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sekhar golla
December 20, 2010: 7:03 am

watch ashram reeti.

April 29, 2010: 4:54 am

see how Hindu swamigi’s,priests & their followers are fraud. No father will do such kind of things. Neither father nor pure Christian(pure means whose name is also Christian)will do such kind of things. All TV channels are good. They covered the swami news which is happening from so many years & years. Now it came to know by every one. I think this happened only because in Chennai 70% are Christians and the TV channel & the person who covered the news are also Christians.If they are not Christians (they don’t cover this news in TV channel) Hindu swamijis like nithyananda will still enjoy his life for more 50 years. one thing I feel is they are not changing the names(still keeping Hindu names)if they become pure Christians by renaming their names to Christian names i will be happy.

I think the fathers and the pure Christians don’t do such kinds so far because if they are fraud like Hindu swami nithyananda 100% TV channels will cover that news no. So far I think single father had not done like this, they are that much pure that’s why no TV channel covered such news on us. so believe in fathers not in Hindu priests or swamijis
I am not saying it blindly. If u want to do any comments please check or catch us like nithyananda and then only u will have right to comment us.

March 25, 2010: 3:13 pm

Agreed with dermarasa

r sharmaji
March 7, 2010: 3:24 pm

Here is the latest bulletin in Gurudev Swami Nityanandji’s finding
Somewhere near Haridwar or Varanasi, his holiness is hiding
Questions from press and his followers, he will be avoiding
His immense love, amongst multiple women he was dividing
On top of Ranjithaji, naked guruji was riding
During expression of their love, their private parts were colliding
Then slowly his transmitter, into her receiver he was sliding
In doing so deen dayal claims, her messy life he was tiding
Two million followers worldwide, whom he was not guiding
This shows stupid people are, every where residing
His followers are asking for their money, what exactly was he providing
Useless talks and bogus seminars, for stress free life he was presiding
Teaching how to live in peace, but himself spiritual laws he was not abiding
Now these dumb ducks are getting mad, when the reality is unwinding
With the money pouring in from worldwide, huge business he was minding
Some extremely stupid devotees, with him they are still siding
Swamiji says there was no contract, with followers that was binding
Seeing him making love with movie stars, politician’s teeth are grinding
In Tamil Nadu watching this stormy scandal on TV, all eyes are blinding
It is rumored that after the scandal, chandramukhi Rangithaji tried suiciding
People give money, worship his shoes, with rich life style, in heaven he was gliding
Nityanandji prabhu after high flying stint, it is now time to experience a rough grounding

Param Gurudevam, Tvam Apsara Sangh Leela Karnam
Aham Apke Charan Sparsham

March 6, 2010: 4:15 pm

1000’s of People in India & Abroad had abandoned their Poor Families & Friends to contribute their hard earned money for Charities of this Guru’s & Swamis for PEACE & BLESSINGS, Many had wasted their valuable years of life by volunteering in search of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE . In return they are ” HEART BROKEN ” by this THUGS with their Anti-Social Activities & Adultery. Its time now that 3rd EYE of GOD [ cameras ] must watch every religious leaders carefully to save the society from this Monsters. SUPREME COURT must step in & make Strict Laws against the Religious & Political ” THUGS ” and force the Corrupted Govt to adopt it. 1000’s of Families are Ripped off and Raped Timely, Emotionally & Financially because of Blind Trust on them. End of the day many are found with PIMPS, PROSTITUTES, BLACK MARKETERS or UNDER WORLD Nexus. Cases against them must run on ” FAST TRACK COURT ” so no chance for them to play with Laws on Looted Public Money. All property of this Thugs should be ” AUCTIONED ” & 50% should be rewarded to ” WHISTLE BLOWER “, who risk their lives as National Heroes.

March 5, 2010: 11:16 am

How sad to see fanatical and ignorant Hindu readers believing that all the so called godmen, a significant number of them are fake fraudmen who abuse the ignorant, illiterate and superstitious women( and men). Don’t the godmen get eroticism, sex-feelings, animal magnetism and lust when looking at beautiful, attractve and revealing women? Fire and cotton wool can not be kept close even if the real godmen pretentiously guarantee that the fire will never touch the cotton wool. The very concept of celibacy is a myth and a fraud in 99% of the cases. Hindu godmen are not gods ( many Hindu gods have displayed their eroticism much more vividly is a different story) They are ordinary sex motivated social animals There had been too many such stories recently where the Hindu godmen have turned out to be fraudmen and lewdly seducing womanizers and profligates when it comes to sensuality.
The most important thing is to realise that Hindu readers who attack non-Hindu religions in these forums should understand that the fraudmen (godmen) represent a tiny little and negligent part of Hinduism, so it is with all other religions. It is the same thing with terrorism, prostitution, anti-social crimes, burglary and so on. There are good and filthy people in all religions, races and nationalities. We have to judge these people by their acts not by their religions. Religions that teach celibacy are teaching unnatural and impossible doctrines. Fake monks’ and ‘pseudo Sadhus’, continue to practise their antics and let them take the innocent and superstitious masses for an immoral ride to satisfy their animal sensuality

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